February 11, 2019

John H. Molinari, Ph.D.
Infection Control & OSHA Update: That Thing You Do

Total CEs: 6 credit hours (satisfies OSHA Requirements)

Location: Scottish Rite Center at 332 E. 1st Street North, Wichita

Time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (doors open at 8:00 a.m.)

Lunch and snacks provided for each registrant.

About Dr. Molinari:
Dr. Molinari is Professor Emeritus at the University of Detroit Mercy, where he served for 32 years in the School of Dentistry as Professor and Chairman of the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Director of Infection Control. Currently, he is Infection Control Director for DENTAL ADVISOR in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has published over 500 scientific articles, text chapters, and abstracts in the areas of microbiology and immunology, and lectures nationally and internationally on topics dealing with infectious diseases and infection control.

He is a founder and Past-President of OSAP, and is also co-author of the text Cottone’s Practical Infection Control in Dentistry. He has served as a consultant for the CDC, ADA Council on Scientific Affairs, Council on Dental Practice, and regional hospitals.  Dr. Molinari also was Chairman of the State of Michigan Governor’s Risk Reduction and AIDS Policy Commission. Previously, he was the Infection Control section editor for The Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry, a member of the Editorial Board for The Journal of the American Dental Association and contributed a monthly column for Dental Economics. In recognition of his efforts, Dr. Molinari was inducted as an honorary member of the Michigan Dental Association, the International College of Dentists, the American College of Dentists, and was a recipient of the ADA Golden Apple Award.

Infection Control & OSHA Update: That Thing You Do (AGD Code 148)
This seminar will provide an update on occupational blood borne and respiratory infection risks for dental health-care professionals, as well as a practical discussion of current infection prevention regulations and recommendations for dentistry. The most recent CDC recommendations concerning blood borne pathogens and infection control will be presented, along with updates on OSHA regulations as they pertain to dental settings. Hand hygiene, vaccinations, and other preventive measures (i.e. personal protective equipment, instrument reprocessing, disinfection, and dental water asepsis) are frameworks for this presentation.

This seminar will also discuss representative viral and bacterial respiratory diseases which present occupational challenges for dental health care providers. These include influenza, pertussis, tuberculosis, as well as airborne infections caused by Legionella bacteria. Infectious disease challenges and prevention strategies will be used to reinforce the application of standard precautions during patient treatment. The most recent evidence-based information is also discussed to address certain issues where perceptions and misuse of infection control procedures and products are in conflict with scientific and clinical knowledge.

Learning objectives:

  • understand the most recent updates for CDC infection control recommendations.
  • understand the rationale for effective, hand hygiene procedures as fundamental components of an infection control program.
  • describe the challenges bloodborne and respiratory infections present to dental healthcare workers
  • comprehend the most current vaccination recommendations for dental personnel
  • describe recent technology advances and protocols for instrument processing and sterilization
  • understand how to effectively monitor reprocessing and sterilization procedures
  • describe the use of disposables and disinfectants used in environmental surface asepsis.
  • describe factors which can lead to dental unit waterline (DUWL) contamination.
  • comprehend practical strategies which can minimize DUWL contamination.

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